Enabling two factor authentication (2FA) for your XYZulu Customer Portal login

We strongly encourage you to enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for added security
Your website and domain name are the most critical parts of your online identity

What is it?
Two-Factor Authentication adds an extra layer of protection to logins. Once enabled & configured, each time you sign in you will be asked to enter both your username & password as well as a second factor such as a security code. That way, even if your password is stolen or compromised your domain name and web hosting will still be safe.
Please read our blog post on why 2FA is so important and why you should enable it anywhere it is provided as an option here: Why do I need 2FA?

How do you enable 2FA?
Simply follow these simple steps:

1. Login to our Customer Portal (if you have fogotten your password, just click the forgot password link)

2. Once logged in, from the top right dropdown menu (click on your name), select the Security Settings from the menu

XYZulu - Enabling 2FA

3. You will now see a green button titled 'Click here to Enable'. Click and follow the steps to enable

XYZulu Customer Portal - 2 FA enable

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to open a ticket with us so we can assist you.

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