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Credit Card or Direct Debit is our preferred option.

We have the following payment options:

  • Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard/AMEX) It means even if you forget to renew your domain name yourself our system can take care of it for you. We will notify you when you credit card is expiring to allow you time to provide us a new one.
  • Direct Debit is a payment method that allows you to pay us (fee free) directly from your own Australian bank account. And, once configured with us, you can choose to automatically have us take payments from your account using this method. Of course we will notify you in advance, send you the invoice and also the receipt once the funds have cleared. You are free to cancel any Direct Debit agreement with us at any time.

    Enabling Direct Debit:

    1. You can choose this as a method the next time our system send out the invoice to you. Simply click on the invoice link in the email that was sent you and then (after logging in) select your payment method as in the screenshot on this link: 

    2. You can select Direct Debit as you default payment method if you are an existing customer, but you will still need to login and "link" your bank details with out system when you next invoice is issued (after that we will retain your details for future billing). To set Direct Debit as your default payment method, find the "Payment Method" in the "My Details" page in our system as shown in this screenshot:
  • If you wish to pay via Paypal you can select this option when opening an invoice in our Customer Portal.
  • Alternatively you can pay via Bank Deposit. If paying for domain names please list your customer/business name or customer ID in the deposit comments so we know whose account to credit. For invoice payments, simply use the invoice number in the deposit comments. We support, and prefer, Bank Deposit via PayID (details are on all invoices) as the payment is instant.

We do not accept cheques

Also see: Renewing your Domain Names

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