Small change to our credit card invoice emails

  • 1st November 2022
Beginning today, customers who have a credit card on file and usually pay via this method won't be sent the invoice before the actual date the invoice is paid. Now, you will receive the paid invoice at time of payment. In the past you would have received the invoice twice (once unpaid, and second when it was paid). We think this will help to ...
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MFA or 2FA Multi factor authentication available to all clients

  • 7th October 2022
Having MFA/2FA enabled for your online accounts is strongly encouraged. This is now a minimum recommendation when it comes to basic security practise. Here at XYZulu we take security very seriously and have been offering MFA for many years. We offer authentication app based codes as well as Yubikey. Please take the time as soon as possible to ...
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au direct domain names - launch date 24 March 2022

  • 7th February 2022
.au direct domain registration will launch 24 March 2022! Some quick answers to questions you may have: Can I purchase or reserve a .au domain name before 24 March 2022?No. You/we will need to wait until 24 March 2022, however the domain name may already have been reserved for you, please note the next question. How do I check if my .au is ...
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au direct domain names - pricing and availability

  • 13th October 2021
Update 7 February 2022: .au direct domain names - launch date 24 March 2022 You may have already heard, but the big news in the Australian internet landscape is the creation of a new .au direct domain space. In simple terms this means you will be able to register a domain such as (no .com needed). We have a special offer for you ...
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