Overwhelmed with passwords?

Do you use the same password on more than one website? If so, this is the post for you.

While many people use a strong password for their internet banking for example, they reason that using the same weak passwords on other websites is not a big deal. However, just imagine the time you would waste if this password was stolen from a website you used it on. If this happened now, you would need to change your password on almost every site you use.

Not only that, potentially your personal information could also have been stolen and could be used by unscrupulous individuals to impersonate you, perhaps even attempting to borrow money in your name..a serious issue!

What is the solution?

You need a password manager. In fact I’d go so far as to say if you don’t use one you are making a big mistake. The one we recommend is LastPass, screenshots below:

How does a password manager work?

Using a password manager you can effectively use a unique password for each website you use. These unique passwords can be totally random and you won’t need to even remember them, the password manager will store them securely for you. What’s more LastPass will fill in the username and passwords for you when visiting a website you have a password stored for. This can be done on any device or computer you use.

Using LastPass is free, and to sync across multiple devices ( have access to your passwords from your computers and mobile devices ) only costs $1 a month.

It’s not a question of should you use a password manager, but rather a question of when. Take the time now to set one up. It will only take you a few minutes to secure your digital life and make managing your passwords easy. Doing this will make things easier, safer and faster for you in the end.

Please watch these videos: https://lastpass.com/support_screencasts.php and get LastPass installed asap.


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Make Wordpress Speed with a CDN

Wordpress is a great piece of open source software that powers millions of websites. Not only is it simple to install, but adding and managing your own content is easy. Perhaps your own website runs Wordpress already.

One of the easiest things to adjust with Wordpress is to improve the page loading speed. Why should you care about this? Well for one, your Google ranking could be affected if your website loads slowly. Using a CDN can make a huge difference, perhaps as much as a 50% increase in site loading speed.

What is a CDN?

According to Wikipedia, a CDN or Content Distribution Network, is a global network of servers setup to serve your content in a high performance manner. It literally means that much of your website content, instead of being loaded each time from your server (which is usually located in a single location), will actually be loaded from a server or network very close to the website viewer. This is a good thing! This is something you should want for your own website.

How hard is it to setup?

It’s simple. Using a single plugin on Wordpress, we can configure and implement a CDN in less than 30mins. While this is something you can probably configure yourself, you may need some help. Thankfully, this is something we can assist you with.

What about the costs?

It only costs a few cents per month! Even for a very busy website, just a few $$’s a month will be enough to run your own CDN. Using for example, Amazon Cloudfront (which is what we use on this website) you can see the costs listed here.

What if you don’t use Wordpress

A CDN can still be setup just as easily for any website. We may cover more specifics in a future blog post.


Do you want to know more? Please let us know in the comments and we’ll be happy to answer your questions. Do you want us to help you setup a CDN for you? Contact us for more details.

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